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Targeted Audience

Growth In Reverse has a group of engaged readers working on building their own audiences and newsletters.

  • 34.2% are entrepreneurs and founders
  • 26.4% work in marketing departments
  • 11.8% engineering and technical

If you sell to marketers and growth-minded folks or founders running their own businesses, the Growth In Reverse audience will overlap well with yours.


Our readers are international, with most coming from:

  • 52.9% United States
  • 8% United Kingdom
  • 8.7% Europe
  • 5.6% Canada
  • 3.9% Australia/NZ

The remainder live in a wide variety of countries across the world.

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Native Ad Creatives

Each issue of Growth In Reverse includes only 1 sponsorship, so you’re not sharing visibility and ad clicks with other advertisers.

This means your promotion will be prominent and stand alone as the main call to action.

On top of that, I write the ad copy for you to fit natively in the brand voice, at no additional cost. I do ask that you send 3-5 sentences to give me a good place to start, but this will be rewritten to fit the ad placement.

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